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About us

We provide document storage, archiving and destruction services

Our goal is to ensure the security of corporate data (documents and files), information confidentiality and, if required, its timely submission.
Highly qualified employees as well as progressive information storage and management technology and methods help us achieve our goal.
While managing corporate documents, we strive for satisfaction of demands of our clients. Hence, we offer the following services:
  • management of documents assigned for temporary, long-term and constant storage;
  • compliling of documentation plan;
  • storage and management of documents;
  • destruction of documents;
  • transportation of documents;
  • consultation on document archiving;
  • scanning and copying of documents.

We are the pioneers of document arrangement, archive management and storage services 

Our company was founded in 2001. Since then, we have installed modern document management systems and expanded our repositories.
The number of our clients has been rapidly growing with each year. They buy document storage, arrangement and destruction services. More than 250 enterprises have used our document storage services since the beginning of our activity. Each year another 250 enterprises conclude agreements with us for the provision of other services.
We are one of the leading companies in document management. The facility of modern document management systems provides for meeting the demands of our clients to the maximum extent.   

We hold all the necessary licenses

We have obtained the following licenses for provision of document arrangement and storage servives from the Lithuanian Archive Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania:
License No 0005 for the document arrangement activity;
License No 0001 for the documents storage activity.

Each year we assess all our archivists

All our employees engaged in archiving services have successfully passed the qualification test organised by the Lithuanian Archives Department.